Sunday, June 26- Rabbit Hash/ Big Bone Lick

I was eager to get back on the bike and ride some more on Sunday. In response to my post in a FreeRiders (a tristate area bikers club) forum, someone had recommended a route called Rabbit Hash Rd. in Kentucky, a few miles south of Florence. I had planned the route on Friday using Google Maps. After checking the air pressure in my tires, I headed south on I-75. At the Mt. Zion Rd. exit (#178), I turned right and proceeded west on KY536. 536 becomes Hathaway Rd and then Rabbit Hash rd. This is one of the best roads I have ridden on yet. It has everything a motorcyclist could ask for…curves, both gentle and sharp, straights, slopes. In some parts, the road was lined with trees spreading their branches over the road, giving the illusion of riding through a green tunnel. I had to force myself to focus on the road.

I turned left on route 338 toward Big Bone Lick state park. Just past the park is a straight stretch of road. There was no traffic, so I gunned the throttle and pushed the bike to about 90mph. A motorcyclist coming from the other side had the same intention, and flew past me at well over a 100mph on his crotch rocket. We didn’t bother to wave at each other. Its kind of important to have your hands on the handlebar at those speeds. At the intersection of 338 and Highway 42/127, I turned left, heading north back to 536 to complete the loop and took I-75N back home.

But I wasn’t done for the day! After I returned home, I decided to ride for a few miles on US 50 east. I usually ride on US 52 along the river till about New Richmond and turn back. To my pleasant surprise, US 50 gets nice and twisty a little past Milford. I rode till Owensville and doubled back.

Big Bone Lick Loop
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2 Responses to Sunday, June 26- Rabbit Hash/ Big Bone Lick

  1. jello says:

    Woohoo V — felt like I was almost there….u painted a very pretty picture!!
    I hope you either get the camera or the helmet soon… so it’s more real!! 😉

    I’m sure u can’t wait for next wknd… and I’m waiting to read more 🙂


  2. thoi trang says:

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