July 3rd ride- KY 10/22

I had been looking forward to this ride for weeks, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. When I headed out around 9:30am, it was still relatively cool outside at about 65°. I took I-471S out of Cincinnati and I-275W to the AA highway (Route 9 southbound). I stopped to top off my tank before turning right onto route 915, which meets route 10 near Alexandria.

Route 10 is a single lane road with so many twists and turns that it demands a rider’s full attention at all times. The road snakes up and down the rolling Kentucky hills, through farms and woods. Speaking of snakes, I spotted one somewhere along route 10. He was curled up on the tarmac, catching some rays, completely unaware of how close he came to becoming snake pudding. I saw several horses, cows and even a couple of vultures feeding on a carcass by the road. Traffic is almost non-existant, except for a few bikers or the occasional pick-up truck. The speed limit is 45-55mph but it pays to follow the posted yellow signs on recommended speeds at the curves. Thanks to the wide ratio gearbox on my Shadow VLX 600, I could stay in 3rd for all but the sharpest of turns and I dragged the pegs on more than one occasion.

At Willow, I turned right onto route 22 and headed west toward Falmouth. I stopped there to grab a bite and continued on 22 to Williamstown. Route 22 is exactly like route 10, with slopes, twist and turns and almost no traffic. At Williamstown I took I-75 to Cincinnati, a 36 mile ride back.The next time I ride this route, I intend to stop more frequently and take a few pictures to post here.


4 Responses to July 3rd ride- KY 10/22

  1. dp says:

    Hey do you think you can “pop-up” the larger version of the map? It would be great to have the larger map and the text alongside 🙂

    Your writing style is great!

  2. Vinod says:

    thanks! I’ll try to figuer out how to make the maps “pop-up” instead of going to a new page.

  3. ansh says:

    so how many miles did u log this wknd? man, i’m sure there are some nice pics to take … where’s ur cam at??

  4. tattbaby says:

    Vinny! I would love to go riding sometime if you can find the time! HOT BIKE!

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