Old routes, revisited with a friend.

This past weekend, I took a passenger with me on my rides. A good friend from high-school was in town and she had indicated to me that the primary reason for her visit was not to see me but to go riding with me. I was more than happy to share the thrill of motorcycling, so we set off to do the Big Bone Lick/ Rabbit Hash run on Sunday morning. I will reserve my comments on her thoughts about the ride because I have asked her to write an article for this blog about her experience. Suffice it to say that she was so enthralled and excited by the whole experience, she now wants to learn to ride motorcycles and get her own bike.

On Monday morning we explored some of the roads near Cleves and Ross, OH and also rode all the way to Brookville, IN. One dilemma we both faced while riding was whether or not to interrupt the zen-like state of mind one is in when riding on a stretch of road in the countryside, to stop and take pictures. We ended up not stopping too often. I realize that some of the pictures I’ve posted will make anyone who knows anything about photography cringe, but I intend to improve the quality of pictures I take. I am even getting some help from another friend, an excellent photographer in my opinion. (Check out his photoblog)

Click on the thumbnails below for a high resolution picture.

Somewhere near Big Bone Lick State park, KY Posted by Picasa

Interesting name, isn’t it? Posted by Picasa

A farm in Indiana Posted by Picasa

Biker Chick! Posted by Picasa

Yours truly! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses to Old routes, revisited with a friend.

  1. dp says:

    Nice shots… and I’m surprised by the link to my homepage. Found out about it looking at my access log referrers. Thanks for the photographer compliment (& publicity, ofcourse) 🙂

  2. Smokin' says:

    Hey V!
    Have finally caught up on reading your blog, so u can stop hounding me 🙂 It was great fun though, and thanks for sharing ur experiences with us. I enjoyed reading all of it and others’ comments as well, and am waiting for more!

  3. Anonymous says:

    definitely need more biker chicks.

  4. dp says:

    Like the biker chick already… looks like she’s carrying an SLR. Though the liking may rapidly change if I get to know that’s a Nikon… so don’t tell me! 😉

    (btw I tried adding this comment y’day but failed for some reason)

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