Recent rides in Kentucky

I have been quite irregular in posting updates as of late but that has nothing to do with lack of opportunities to ride. On the contrary, I have been riding more than usual in the past few days, clocking about 100 miles per ride. Last Thursday was uncharacteristically warm for November, a clear day with bright fall colors all around, which prompted me take off from work early to go riding. I discovered that the KY 338 -KY18-KY20 loop offers some very challenging twisties for motorcyclists. On Saturday, I convinced my friend Wei, who rides a Kawasaki Ninja, to join me on the same route. Being a reletively new rider, Wei was extra careful and didn’t try to keep up with me. I rode pretty hard that day, testing my cornering skills by pushing the bike to its limits. Somewhere on route 18, a couple of guys on big H-Ds appeared in my rear view mirror. I speeded up a bit and tried to set the pace, cornering much more aggressively than I usually do, but they kept up with me effortlessly. I soon realized that not only were they on more powerful bikes, they were more experienced and skilled as well. I moved over to the right side of my lane on a straight stretch to let them by. As they blasted past me, I wondered if they were thinking “you have a lot to learn, grasshopper” !

Some excellent bike routes in Kentucky Posted by Picasa


One Response to Recent rides in Kentucky

  1. dp says:

    tryin’ to one up on ’em showing who’s boss, huh grasshopper? 😉

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