Motorcycle Bloggers and Dream Bikes

December 21, 2005
There is a surprisingly large number of motorcycle blogs and I have been browsing through several in the past few weeks. I have included links to a few in a new section titled Motorcycle Blogs. My favorite is the first link, called A Long Ride by Dusty Davis. He completed a trip of approximately 10,000 miles around the US in 30 days( check out his route here) and has documented the trip on his website, with pictures and brief write-ups. The pictures are simply amazing.

Most motorcycle fanatics, I’m sure, have a list of dream bikes that they would like to ride at least once, if not own. One bike on my list is the Triumph Rocket III, the largest production cruiser in the market.

Here are the specs:
Engine: 2294 cc ( 140 Inline-3
Power: 103.6kW (142 hp) @ 5750rpm
Torque: 200Nm (147.5 ft.lbs) @2500 rpm
Drive: 5 speed shaft
Dry Weight: 320 kg (705 lbs)

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