First weekend of riding this year!

I got the bike out of storage on Thursday and spent the afternoon fixing the sissy-bar. A bolt had broken off and it took me about 2 hours to get the broken part out of the fender. On Saturday, I went for a ride on my favorite local route, Buffalo ridge rd and E. Miami river rd. It was quite cold, in spite of wearing full riding gear including thermals. Still, I enjoyed being back on the bike. I took it easy on the corners and just took my time enjoying a medium-paced ride. Sunday, Angie and I met up with a couple of HD riders, John and his brother Greg, for a group ride. John is the owner of a beautiful 2003 anniversary edition silver Road King. We started out in Newport, KY and rode for a bit on KY route 10 before heading back. We ran into a spot of rain while riding back toward Alexandria, KY so we stopped for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. After lunch, we rode for an hour on KY route 8 along the river before heading back home. It was my first time riding in a group and I did feel that my bike lacked the horsepower and torque that those big HDs have, especially while cruising on the highway at 75mph with a passenger. But I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the company, hopefully I’ll be riding with them again.

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