Shopping Spree!!

I’ve been on a shopping spree of sorts, trying to prepare for a lot of miles on the bike this season. To start off, I ordered some some small parts yesterday-mainly replacement nuts/bolts- and a torque wrench for some basic maintainance work. Today, I bought leather chaps and a rain suit on ebay. I dislike riding in the rain but need to be prepared in case I get stuck in a rainstorm on a long road trip. I have a few more things I need get but will have to pace myself and spread it out over the next few months. First on my list is a 41-tooth rear-sprocket to replace the current 44-tooth one. This is mainly to increase cruising performance at higher speeds, although it will be at the cost of reduced low-end torque. I also plan to replace my current DOT approved helmet with one that is DOT and Snell rated. And once I get all the “essentials”, I can start on all the totally unnecessary chrome accessories! Or maybe I’ll just get a new, bigger, badder bike!!

2 Responses to Shopping Spree!!

  1. Mike, Orlando FL says:

    Found this blog on the VLX forums. Very cool!

  2. Girish says:

    hey vinod, nice blog. Dude, you are living the life! Keep in touch.


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