Great Ride on Sunday

After returning from Columbus on Sunday afternoon, I immediately replaced the frayed clutch cable and set out for a ride. I met up with John, Aimee, Greg and Melissa at Angie’s place and we proceeded to Bier Haus in Cleves, OH. After an early dinner, we were eager to get out in the sun and ride. A quick jaunt through E. Miami river rd. and Buffalo Ridge Rd.brought us back to Harrison Ave. Greg and Melissa headed home from there, the rest of us decided to ride some more. We headed north on E. Miami river road and continued on route 126 toward Brookville. Some back roads brought us to the town of Harrison and John and Aimee took I-74 back while Angie and I decided to take Harrison Ave back. At the intersection of Harrison and route 128, we had a close call– the dreaded cager turning left in front of you, totally ignoring your right of way. I had to pull off a pretty hard rear-tire locked, front brakes squealing stop but fortunately didn’t drop the bike. I don’t think the cager even realized what happened. Angie was a bit shaken after that but other than that it was a great ride. John and Aimee were waiting for us when we pulled in at Angie’s place. The pictures below were taken just after we arrived. Postscript: Just added the last picture, taken before the ride. Greg and Melissa are in the middle.

Great weather this week, I hope the weekend will be nice too. The plan is to ride to Red River Gorge in Kentucky and camp there Friday night, do some hiking and return on Saturday. I have to see how much equipment I can load onto the bike safely, the big ones being the tent and the sleeping bag. More on that soon.

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3 Responses to Great Ride on Sunday

  1. Mike Werner says:

    Your RSS/Atom feed has stopped working ….

  2. Vinod says:

    Looking into that. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. KT Did says:

    What a great looking group–the smiles tell you had a fun time!

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