Inclement weather……trip to the gorge cancelled!!

It looks like this isn’t going to be the best weekend for a motorcycle camping trip. I wasn’t going to change my plans over a minor sprinkle but lots of rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for this region.

Link to Accuweather radar Posted by Picasa

The rain suit that I ordered will arrive today, so I might test it out this weekend on a ride around the neighborhood.

Check out this neat site I found that lets you build your own checklist for a motorcycle camping trip: Motorcycle Trip Checklist

Postscript: We did end up going to the gorge, but by car. And there wasn’t a drop of rain the entire trip! So much for the weather forecast. I saw plenty of day-riders there but no one who was on a motorcycle camping trip.


3 Responses to Inclement weather……trip to the gorge cancelled!!

  1. KT Did says:

    Good thing you did that…still enjoyed your trip and didn’t have to worry about the weather. I’m not that tough to do camping in rain, nor do I like to ride in it–so when you ride your own ride its more comfy and all turns out just fine…. Glad you had fun!

  2. WooleyBugger says:

    Thanks for a bunch of useful info here. The long ride is truly interesting for me. That trip would make for a solid book and the pictures…incredible.

  3. Laurence says:

    Just want to send a quick note and tell you that your blog has been included in Clutch and chrome’s Blog Directory at Congratulations!!

    Sorry to use your comment section to leave this message, but we couldn’t see an email address on your blog. Come and check out the new resource for riders featuring bike nights and events, latest news and articles. Email the editor at Clutch and Chrome, there’s a project we’d like you to be part of!

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