Customization: The addiction

Most riders will understand when I say I can’t seem to stop lusting after add-ons for my motorcycle. Some days, I spend hours poring through catalogs and websites, adding stuff to my “wishlist”- parts, tools, luggage, gear, boots, chrome accessories, add-ons like crash-bars, light bars…it never ends. Being in graduate school with limited financial resources, however, ensures that most of the items never move from my wishlist to the shopping cart and then to checkout ! I still end up spending some money on bike related stuff every month. Sometimes, I try to scrounge stuff I need from people that don’t, usually through motorcycle forums like the Honda Shadow Forum. I scored a free Honda toolkit and owners manual for my VLX last year from a kind lady who had extra ones lying around in her garage. Last week I got some small parts I needed for my rear fender side rail mounting for $15 from a guy who was customizing his bike and had no use for them. It would have cost me over $50 had I bought it at the dealers or at an online store. There are times when one just has to spend money, especially when safety is the issue. So my next big purchase will be new tires. My current OEM Dunlops are showing signed of aging, with small cracks appearing on the sidewall. I’ll be replacing them with the popular and highly rated Metzeler ME880 Marathon tires before I ride to the Honda Hoot at Knoxville, TN. Costs about $100 for the front and $130 for the rear, with the dealer charging $20 per tire for mounting and balancing. Some other items on my must-have list include the a 41-tooth rear sprocket and a brake bleeding kit. As for the non-essential stuff, those are destined to remain on my wishlist for now!

2 Responses to Customization: The addiction

  1. Giest says:

    I hear ya about the wish list. Mine keeps growing…never shinks a bit. 🙂

  2. George says:

    So i bought a beta but parts are hard to find. Most of the time KTM parts fit but the radiator guard i bought for my 250rr leaves the plastic on the bottom unsecure. Any sugestion on where i can find the right cage or maybe make it work? I have it zip tied right now.

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