My VLX is gone!!!

I sold my VLX today. I hadn’t planned on selling the bike this year, but Bernie, a co-worker ( and the chief of the Imaging Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital ), made me an offer I couldn’t refuse on his 01 Suzuki Volusia. I had been thinking about getting a bigger bike anyway. I’m a little sad to see my first bike in the US go but hopefully the new owner will have many great rides and memories on it. I’ll have pictures of the new bike and possibly the link to a new blog soon. Meanwhile, here are some pictures from my past rides on my VLX.


3 Responses to My VLX is gone!!!

  1. Biker Betty says:

    That was quite a trip down memory lane. You live in beautiful country. I especially like the autumn photo (that is my favorite time of year. I love the colors.) I just know that you will have many new adventures on your new motorcycle.

    Best Wishes, Betty 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    congrats on the volusia… hope u have many kickass rides on that…

  3. Durandal says:

    Hi there fellow, MBI member! 🙂

    I loved this pic:

    Congrats on the great blog.



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