First ride on my new Volusia !!

I picked up my my 2001 Volusia from Bernie this morning. Perfect day to take the new bike for a 150 mile test ride! After lunch with Bernie, I headed out to Rabbit Hash, KY on some back roads, taking my time getting used to the bigger bike. I met Rob “Dice” Giles there, who I had gotten in touch with last year through the FreeRiders Club. He took me on some great roads to this neat place called Jane’s Saddlebag near Big Bone Lick state park-he knows the best routes in this area and rides his Vulcan pretty hard. Rob also had a couple of highway pegs for sale in the store at Janes’ Saddlebag- he generously gave them to me for free. I need to get adaptors so I can install the pegs on the engine guards, allowing me to stretch out my legs on long rides. We rode for a couple of hours on KY routes 338, 18, 20 and 8 before I headed back home. Overall, I am extremely happy withe the bike. The exhaust note, however, is very muffled and could be a bit louder. I plan remove the baffles or get a set of Vance and Hines pipes in the near future. The other issue I had with the bike is a high-frequency vibration in the handlebars and footpegs at steady cruising speeds in the 3rd to 5th gears. My right arm and foot were quite fatigued by the end of the ride. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. Hope to do some more riding tomorrow if the weather stays nice.

Notice my new Fieldsheet Titanium armored mesh jacket for summer!

Lunch with Bernie

Rabbit Hash, KY

Rob “Dice” Giles with his Kawasaki Vulcan 1500

Jane’s Saddlebag

Born to ride, forced to work!!


9 Responses to First ride on my new Volusia !!

  1. yamato- says:

    awesome bike 🙂

  2. Sunil Gangadharan says:

    Wow, that is a big bike. Ride well and take care…
    Good luck and fun reading this thing…

  3. Deepa says:

    Like I said before SHE IS A GORGEOUS BIKE!!!!
    Lucky you….. can you see the envy in that comment?

  4. Vj says:

    wow ..i love bikes too . the farthest i’ve travelled is 300 kms a day. your seems to be a sturdy bike. I liked the pictures.
    Iam visiting Indianpolis this winter .i just wish i could go for a similar country ride in a big bike.

    My favourite is V-rod by Harley

  5. Digital Rodney says:

    Great Blog!

    Check mine out at

    I ride in and out of Indianapolis, not to far from the Queen’s City. Maybe someday we will have to ride and write about meeting up!


  6. Giest says:

    the new ride looks nice. that second picture looks really beautiful. gives a good indication of how big it really is. congratz and safe riding!

  7. Mustang says:

    dude… thts an awesome ride !!!!

    Ride safe


  8. Biker Betty says:

    That’s a beautiful motorcycle!! Your smile just says it all. I hear the mesh jackets are great. I have been hinting to my husband for one, as my current jacket gets very hot in the summer. It’s too bad that like everything else, they cost lots. I just love the looks of Jane’s Saddlebag. Glad you got a great ride and you take very good pics yourself.

    Again, Congratulations and many safe journeys, Betty 🙂

  9. Christine says:

    Nice! And I love your quip “born to ride..forced to work”…ha ha ha!

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