July/August rides

Ok, I’m not going to make any lame excuses for not updating the blog in the past few weeks. It certainly wasn’t because I didn’t ride….I rode almost every weekend on my favorite routes in Kentucky and Indiana.
A few weeks back Angie and I took the ferry across the Ohio river into Kentucky.

We then rode to Rabbit Hash and Jane’s Saddlebag. Angie really liked the place, so the very next weekend we took John and Amiee there. Jane’s Saddlebag is a great place to relax after a ride. The owners Pete and Nancy are very friendly and the food is great. Their Woolly Burger ( named after the Woolly Mammoth fossils discovered at Big Bone Lick State Park next door) is excellent and highly recommended. There are plenty of interesting things to see including a petting zoo with goats, horses and even a Lama named Dali! And there’s always some cool bikes parked outside!

In jail at Jane’s Saddlebag

Some cool bikes

Dali Lama!

Pete and Nancy

After several hot weekends with temperatures in the 90s, the weather last weekend was perfect. Angie and I rode out to the farm in Versailles via Madison, IN with Aimee and John. There Aimee got a chance to ride a motorbike (a dirtbike) for the first time and she was thrilled!
We ended the day relaxing around a bonfire.

With Aimee and John

At the farm

Aimee’s first solo ride on a motorcycle!

Whats a night at the farm without a bonfire?


4 Responses to July/August rides

  1. Mustang says:

    your weekend sounded splendid… The pics were totally super.. those bikes definetely looked cool !!

    Ride Safe


  2. Pete and Nancy via email says:

    Loved your website, who got you out of Jail?
    WE just got back from a little trip to Red River Gorge, we really enjoyed the
    ride and remember how much fun it is to ride. WE will get our share after
    October when we close for the season.
    thanks for sharing and for the kind words about Jane’s Saddlebag.

  3. Praveen says:

    Hi vinod, in response to ur comment in my blog: Hehe Thanks for goin through the long one 🙂 As those are the only bike that we get here, we take it every where:D. Well i have put on 44k kms in 2years 2 months on my bike. Get it serviced every 1.5 – 2k kms. Currently running on michelins though they are a bit bigger to the stock specifications, they give good grip offroading and awsome control in twisties some trade off as to loss of pickup a lil and topend knocked down by 5 kmph. N cleaning carbs… err me got to learn that in case i wanna do solo rides in feature 🙂 Currently my mech does it for me 😀

    Those are some pretty dreamy places u ride along. It must be pretty relaxing 🙂

  4. Giest says:

    sounds like it was a blast, vinod! i understand the whole “riding too much to post” thing…hehe.

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