I’m weak……very weak

September 29, 2006
I did it again. Bought more stuff for the bike. This time, I decided to go the performance route. I had planned to rejet the carburetor and put in a K&N air filter later this year. Well, I decided to go ahead and do it before the Fall trip to W.Virginia and Virginia, so I ordered a Dynojet rejet kit and a K&N filter. This will the the first time I’ll be messing with the bike’s innards, hopefully I won’t screw it up! While I won’t be replacing the exhaust pipes just yet, I plan to open up the stock exhaust by removing the baffles. Combine a high flow air filter, a rejetted carburetor and a free flowing exhaust and I should get a noticeable increase in hp and torque throughout the rpm range.

Dynojet jet kit
K&N Filter

Accessories installed !

September 18, 2006
I received the accessories last week and spent saturday morning installing them. The saddlebags and highway pegs were easy to install, but it took a while to get them exactly where I wanted. The windshield was a bit of a pain to get on, it involved removing the turn signals and headlight to reroute the wires behind the windshield mounting bracket. I think the accessories look pretty good. However, in terms of function, the windshield was a big disappointment. I noticed severe buffetting at all speeds, caused by wind rushing from under the shield. After doing some research on Volusiariders, it seems the solution is to get lowers ( deflectors mounted on the front forks ) to reduce buffetting.

Preparing for Fall

September 7, 2006
This year, I plan to ride out to West Virginia sometime in October when the fall colors are at their peak, camp and ride some of the scenic routes there, maybe even do some rafting. The perfect excuse to spend some money on accessories for the bike. I decided to go the practical route, instead of the performance route. So instead of getting the Roadhouse 2-into-1 exhaust, K&N filter and rejet kit, I bought a windshield, saddlebags and highway pegs. Net damage: $511.00. Can’t wait to receive the accessories and install them on the bike! Meanwhile, here are the pics from the seller’s website:
OEM Suzuki adjustable height windshield ( $299)

Saddlemen Midnight Express Jumbo Slant saddlebags ($114)

Kuryakyn Highway pegs with offset mounts ( $98)