Last ride of the season

I didn’t think I’d still be riding in mid-December but I managed to go on a short 40 mile ride last Sunday before winterizing the bike. Compared to last week’s (daytime) temperatures in the mid 20s, Sunday’s 45° was almost warm! The light dusting of snow we got last week could still be seen in patches out in the countryside and the roads were heavily salted. After nearly losing traction on a couple of corners because of the salt, I changed my riding style to a more leisurely one. I cruised along the Ohio river, took some pictures and then decided that puttering around on salty back roads wasn’t my thing, so I returned. Added Stabil to the gas, took the battery out and put it on a float charger, gave the bike a final wipe-down and called it a season.


6 Responses to Last ride of the season

  1. Sunil says:

    Great season – always enjoy reading your blog…
    Hope your Ph.D is going well…

  2. Praveen says:

    now that must be hard thing to do. wraping the bike for a few months!!. to add salt, its peak riding season here back home now 😛 n will be good for another 2 months. ne way even other wise riding is throught the year just have bear the heat and rain :)other times but rain’s fun too.

  3. Biker Betty says:

    We get lots of snow that comes and goes thru the winter, but luckily we can still ride. Many people here will put their bikes away for the winter, but my husband, myself, and many others do not. I usually have to wait about 5 days after the snow melts before venturing out. By then the city street sweeper have come out and picked up all the small rocks they put out during the last snow.

    I read on another blog you are taking up skiing? We took it up about 4 years ago and hope to hit the slopes this winter a few times. My husband’s work schedule prevents us from getting out too much.

  4. Vinod says:

    In retrospect it seems I was a bit hasty in putting the bike away for winter- this weekend the temperature was in the 60s! In mid-december!

  5. Biker Betty says:


  6. keya says:

    I like reading about you and your motorcycle!

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