Great Website

Check out this website: They have a growing database of motorcycle roads, route mapping based on Google Maps, motorcycle forums and articles.


6 Responses to Great Website

  1. D. Brent Miller says:

    That is a really cool web site! I signed up so that I can read, interact and participate in great rides. Thanks Vinnie.


  2. Sunil says:

    Did you finally get your new bike? Will be good to read about your rides once summer comes back up…

  3. Sharon says:

    Thatks for the heads up on the site!

  4. countersteer says:

    that’s such a cool site! and the administrator seems like a kool dood too.

    it’s still in its nascent throes of development and search for popularity but the member count grows steadily.

    there aren’t any members in my neck of the woods, but i’ve put up some of my favorite local rides.

    I was top of the leaderboard for a while!

    then I wasn’t……**sigh*** have to settle for second place for now


  5. Tyler Jacobs says:

    That is a nice site but I’ve been going to for years … it takes a different approach that I continue to love – easy to navigate and valuable descriptions.

  6. raj says:

    Also check out
    Unlike most sites is 100% free … No Login required to download from 700+ GPS Motorcycle rides

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