First post on the new blog!

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy. Two weeks ago, I had started a rejet project on Angie’s Honda Shadow VLX. To make a long story short, the rejet went smoothly but the bike wouldn’t start! On seeking advice on some forums, a mechanical genius suggested that the intake hose clamp might not be sealed properly. Sure enough, the following week, when I readjusted the hose and tightened it, the bike started right up! I then re-rejetted my bike as well. It had been running a little rich and I had to put in a smaller main jet to fix that. I think I’ve got it exactly right this time, but I’ll need to ride some more to establish that. Speaking of riding, last weekend, I rode with some of my Harley riding buddies to Madison, IN. It was a great day to be out riding and we put about 175 miles on the clock.

I received my Tour Master gear on Thursday. Everything fits well and looks great. The jacket is thoughtfully designed and very comfortable. I got a chance to test it out yesterday and I was very pleased. Today (Sunday), I did another 100 miles, this time with the inner liner of the jacket taken out. The jacket has plenty of zippered vents for air flow on hot days. (Pictures soon!)

One of the simplest mods one could do on the bike is putting reflective tape to increase visibility at night. I had ordered some black reflective tape (made by 3M) a while back and I finally got around to pasting a couple of pieces on the back end of the saddlebags and sissy-bar. They blend in very well with the black leather and are not visible during the day but at night, they glow very brightly when light falls on them. The picture below was taken in the garage.



7 Responses to First post on the new blog!

  1. Sunil says:

    Looks like you have also made the switch to WordPress.. Anyways good luck to you here and as ususal I will be visiting here often.
    Glad to se that you have dusted off the motorbike and will be riding soon.

    By the way, those reflective coatings look great even in the blackness of the garage…

  2. giest says:

    Looking good thus far. Was it hard to get set up with wordpress? I was thinking of doing the same, but was wondering about how intuitive it is to customize the blog page itself. You don’t have to respond here, but you can shoot me an email.

  3. KT Did says:

    Hey there, I haven’t heard of wordpress and will be looking in to see how you like it. Last time I tried to change my blog, Blogger lost it and I couldn’t post or do anything. I am a little too scarred of losing it. Looks like yours turned out well! Let us know when its official to change the link on the links list.

  4. WheelHound says:

    Is it just my old eyes, or is the syndication/RSS link missing on this site? I want to make sure I don’t miss anything…

  5. ezrider1978 says:

    thanks, I have included a link to the RSS feed

  6. Ligeo says:

    Nice pics in that VA W.VA fall trip. I hate cold, so SoCal is perfect 🙂 About the honda ST. I don’t ride a ST1300. Mine is an older version – ST1100. The bike is super reliable, comfortable egronomics for long hauls and handles the twisties more than I can take. I wish it had electric windshield and were less heavier. I don’t like the way ST1300 looks, but it probably is very nice to ride. Like they said, you should check out the other sports tourers around. Have fun.

  7. David says:

    That is an interesting picture..


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