2007 Thundering Hearts Ride Pics

The 2007 Thundering Hearts ride was pretty much exactly like last year’s- nice weather, big turnout and a great ride! However, was an additional feature this time- a skydive show at Camp Joyful Hearts. The jumps were spectacular, especially, the skydiver with the huge American flag, Gene Newsom. Unfortunately, as he was trying to land, the flag got snagged in the the trees and he fell the about 40 feet to the ground. Gene survived, but broke his back in several places and faces a long road to recovery after surgery.

(If you would like to wish Gene well, you can contact him at gnewsom @ teamfastrax dot org or Gene Newsom, c/o Start Skydiving, LLC, Warren County Airport, 2460 Greentree Rd., Lebanon, Ohio 45036 Donations can be made at US Bank to help with Gene’s medical  expenses. Checks should be made payable to “Jump Foundation”.  One hundred percent of everything will go directly to the Newsom Family.  The account is set up in the name of David Hart, DBA Jump Foundation.)




5 Responses to 2007 Thundering Hearts Ride Pics

  1. giest says:

    Not soon enough! lol

  2. Jimmy & Pat Kay says:

    It was great to see you guys again, sorry we did not have more time together.
    Glad you two enjoyed the ride. Lets stay in touch. Keep us in the loop

  3. Sunil says:

    Hope Gene is doing well now…

  4. Praveen KM says:

    Hi Vinod, Quiet a few updates since last time i visited you blog. Riding in such a big group sure must be fun.

  5. Hypnotice says:

    Hey especially fine site!! I’ll bookmark your web publication and acquire the feeds conjointly…

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