My first magazine contribution!

August 16, 2007

Any AMA members out there? If you have received the September 2007 issue of the American Motorcyclist magazine, turn to page 43 and check out the top right-hand corner. Yep, that’s my contribution! Last year I had sent in the description of a motorcycle accident I had a long time ago in India, for the monthly column Crash Course. Well, they finally decided to publish it, along with many other similar stories in an article called Riding Smart. I’ll put a link to it online once it shows up on the AMA website.



August 2, 2007

Have been really busy at work lately, so haven’t been riding much. However, I installed the tail-light conversion kit from ElectricalConnections last week. The kit converts the rear amber turn signals to red running lights using LEDs, to improve visibility. They still glow amber when you use the turn signal (see below). The kit costs about $50 and is quite easy to install. But depending on your bike, getting to the various wires could be difficult. On my bike, I had to remove the entire tail-light assembly, which was a very cumbersome process, but I am very happy with the product.