I’m Back!!!!

November 9, 2007

Its been almost two months since my last post. Things had gotten very busy with finishing up my doctorate, looking for jobs etc. All that is done and I will be moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan in a few weeks to start my new job there! I’m going to miss my grad school days.

In bike related news, I haven’t done any exciting rides in the last two months, just a few favorite local routes. However, I just put two new Pirelli MT66 tires on my bike today. Ordered them online and had them mounted at Pro Stock Performance on Harrison Ave. I’ll get a chance to scrub them in this weekend on a trip to French Lick, Indiana. Also got a free dyno run at the shop using the coupon provided in the Dynojet kit I’d used when I rejetted the bike. Lets just say I’m less than thrilled with the peak horsepower of my bike ( Less than 50hp). I think its time for that new bike I’ve been planning on getting for a year.

I also ordered a pair of Tourmaster Winter Elite gloves online. They won’t be here by this weekend, but hopefully my old gloves will do the job. The temperature is expected to range between 30° and 55° F.

The fall colors were not great this year at least in these parts but I’ll have pictures from the upcoming trip posted sometime next week.