Shopping List

This is an incomplete list of all the stuff I plan to acquire in the next few months, primarily in preparation for the big trip out west ( Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado). Please leave your product recommendations in the “Comments” section.


One Response to Shopping List

  1. countersteer says:

    # Nolan N102 Flip-up Helmet

    I have the previous model and love it love it love it. best feature: no d-rings to tie it on. If you forget and put your gloves on too soon – no problem!

    # Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad

    Mine is about 10 years old. recommendation: follow the manufacturer instruction and store it inflated between trips. If you store it rolled up, it will lose it “auto-inflate” feature. Also: I’d recommend a sleeping bag with a long sleeve to put the pad in, or some other way to attach the pad to the bag. I’ve had a few restless nights camping because I had to keep sliding back onto the pad. If you want to save a few bucks, used, non-inflating pads are available.

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