Upcoming Trips

(On this page, I’ll be posting route maps of upcoming trips)

Bardstown KY

I chose this loop based on the recommendations in Road Runner magazine. I plan to camp in Bardstown, which is about 150 miles from Cincinnati by interstate. The loop is about 290 miles long, through horse farms, tobacco farms and the rolling hills of Kentucky, requiring a full day to cover. Other attractions in these parts include several Bourbon distillers, Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home and the Old Talbot Tavern.

Trip completed: April 21-22, 2007



Pennsylvania’s Route 6

This months Rider magazine has an article on Pennsylvania’s route 6, starting not too far from Cleveland, OH, snaking its way through the Allegheny national forest, the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and the Pocono mountains before ending in New Jersey. It has been rated one of America’s most scenic routes by National Geographic magazine. My uncle and his family live in NJ and this might be a good route to take to visit them, provided I have at least a week for the trip. Route 6 itself is about 400 miles long and begins about 250 miles from Cincinnati. If I return via the interstate, the entire trip would be about 1350 miles.

Planned trip date: May 26- June 3, 2007.



4 Responses to Upcoming Trips

  1. countersteer says:

    I read that artice about route 6. Is that a down and back or is there a loop too?

    I will also be journeying for two weeks beginning 5/26, too bad we are on the opposite sides of the country!


  2. vinod says:

    A friend of mine told me that Route 6 isn’t all that its chalked up to be. Anyone who has done this route want to weight in?

  3. Steve says:

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